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DATE 2024 Accepted Papers

Congratulations to the authors and co-authors of the following regular papers and extended abstracts for the acceptance of your papers at DATE 2024! We look forward to meeting you in Valencia at DATE 2024 from 25 to 27 March 2024. 

This is an early notification of acceptance! Further information will be sent to the authors by Tuesday, 14 November 2023 AoE at the latest.

We consider that you/your co-authors are committed to present the paper at the conference in Valencia. We reserve the right to remove the paper from the proceedings if none of the authors/co-authors registers and presents the paper at the conference.

Regular Papers

7 Accelerating Machine Learning-Based Memristor Compact Modeling Using Sparse Gaussian Process
9 PIMSYN: Synthesizing Processing-in-memory CNN Accelerators
21 Algorithm-hardware co-design for Energy-Efficient A/D conversion in ReRAM-based accelerators
22 AutoWS: Automate Weights Streaming in Layer-wise Pipelined DNN Accelerators
24 ViTA: A Highly Efficient Dataflow and Architecture for Vision Transformers
27 Efficient Design of a Hyperdimensional Processing Unit for Multi-Layer Cognition
31 tSS-BO: Scalable Bayesian Optimization for Analog Circuit Sizing via Truncated Subspace Sampling
33 CPF: A Cross-Layer Prefetching Framework for High-Density Flash-based Storage
34 BESWAC: Boosting Exact Synthesis via Wiser SAT Solver Call
37 Computational and Storage Efficient Quadratic Neurons for Deep Neural Networks
38 OISA: Architecting an Optical In-Sensor Accelerator for Efficient Visual Computing
45 CRISP: Hybrid Structured Sparsity for Class-aware Model Pruning
53 Three Sidekicks to Support Spectre Countermeasures
55 A Modular Branch Predictor Performance Analysis Framework for Fast Design Space Exploration
57 DRAM-Locker: A General-Purpose DRAM Protection Mechanism against Adversarial DNN Weight Attacks
61 LaVA: An Effective Layer Variation Aware Bad Block Management for 3D CT NAND Flash
62 CTRL-B: Back-End-Of-Line Configuration Pathfinding using Cross-Technology Transferable Reinforcement Learning
64 Adaptive DRAM Cache Division for Computational Solid-state Drives
68 PACE: A Piece-Wise Approximate and Configurable Floating-Point Divider for Energy-Efficient Computing
71 ASCEND: Accurate yet Efficient End-to-End Stochastic Computing Acceleration of Vision Transformer
72 Programmable EM Sensor Array for Golden-Model Free Run-time Trojan Detection and Localization
80 High-Performance Data Mapping for BNNs on PCM-based Integrated Photonics
84 Optimal Fixed Priority Scheduling in Multi-Stage Multi-Resource Distributed Real-Time Systems
89 GPACE: An Energy-Efficient PQ-based GCN Accelerator with Redundancy Reduction
95 Deductive Formal Verification of Synthesizable, Transaction-level Hardware Designs Using Coq
101 Standard Cells Do Matter: Uncovering Hidden Connections for High-Quality Macro Placement
103 PhotonNTT: Energy-efficient Parallel Photonic Number Theoretic Transform Accelerator
105 IMCE: An In-Memory Computing and Encrypting Hardware Architecture for Robust Edge Security
108 ECM: Improving IoT Throughput with Energy-Aware Connection Management
109 An Autonomic Resource Allocating SSD
113 CBTune: Contextual Bandit Tuning for Logic Synthesis
115 Self-Learning and Transfer across Topologies of Constraints for Analog / Mixed-Signal Circuit Layout Synthesis
116 Formal Verification of Booth Radix-8 and Radix-16 Multipliers
122 EvilCS: An Evaluation of Information Leakage through Context Switching on Security Enclaves
124 MACO: Explorating GEMM Acceleration on a Loosely-Coupled Multi-core Processor
135 A Deep-learning-based Statistical Timing Prediction Method for Sub-16nm Technologies
140 X-PIM: Fast Modeling and Validation Framework for Mixed-Signal Processing-in-Memory Using Compressed Equivalent Model in SystemVerilog
142 HW-SW Optimization of DNNs for Privacy-preserving People Counting on Low-resolution Infrared Arrays
154 Statistical Profiling of Micro-Architectural Traces and Machine Learning For Spectre Detection: A Systematic Evaluation
155 Unveiling the Black-Box: Leveraging Explainable AI for FPGA Design Space Optimization
160 Efficient Fast Additive Homomorphic Encryption Cryptoprocessor for Privacy-preserving Federated Learning Aggregation
161 ViT-ToGo : Vision Transformer Accelerator with Grouped Token Pruning
164 Heterogeneous Static Timing Analysis with Advanced Delay Calculator
168 ROLDEF: RObust Layered DEFense for Intrusion Detection Against Adversarial Attacks
175 ISDC: Feedback-guided Iterative SDC Scheduling for High-level Synthesis
183 AttBind: Memory-efficient Acceleration for Long-range Attention using Vector-derived Symbolic Binding
184 Resource-efficient Heterogenous Federated Continual Learning on Edge
189 An Efficient Asynchronous Circuits Design Flow with Backward Delay Propagation Constraint
196 FusionArch: A Fusion-Based Accelerator for Point-Based Point Cloud Neural Networks
204 LLM-based Processor Verification: A Case Study for Neuromorphic Processor
206 DyPIM: Dynamic-inference-enabled Processing-In-Memory Accelerator
217 Cuper: Customized Dataflow and Perceptual Decoding for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on HBM-equipped FPGAs
218 Towards Reliable and Energy-Efficient RRAM based Discrete Fourier Transform Accelerator
223 Communication-Efficient Model Parallelism for Distributed In-situ Transformer Inference
229 CRONuS: Circuit Rapid Optimization with Neural Simulator
243 A Transistor Level Relational Semantics for Electrical Rule Checking by SMT Solving
245 COMET: A Cross-Layer Optimized Optical Phase Change Main Memory Architecture
251 FlexForge: Efficient Reconfigurable Cloud Acceleration via Peripheral Resource Disaggregation
255 On Gate Flip Errors in Computing-In-Memory
256 PathDriver-Wash: A Path-Driven Wash Optimization Method for Continuous-Flow Lab-on-a-Chip Systems
258 NVCA: A Computationally Efficient Neural Video Compression Accelerator Based on a Sparse CNN-Transformer Hybrid Network
260 CALLOC: Curriculum Adversarial Learning for Secure and Robust Indoor Localization
268 Discovering Efficient Fused Layer Configurations for Executing Multi-Workloads on Multi-core NPUs
274 HyQA: Hybrid Near-Data Processing Platform for Embedding based Question Answering System
277 DIAPASON: Differentiable Allocation, Partitioning and Fusion of Neural Networks for Distributed Inference
278 TSA-TICER: A Two-Stage TICER Acceleration Framework for Model Order Reduction
284 EcoFlex-HDP: High-Speed and Low-Power and Programmable Hyperdimensional-Computing Platform with CPU Co-processing
293 ESC-NTT: An Elastic, Seamless and Compact Architecture for Multi-Parameter NTT Acceleration
300 Multi-Level Analysis of GPU Utilization in ML Training Workloads
304 Electrostatics-Based Analytical Global Placement for Timing Optimization
308 A3PIM: An Automated, Analytic and Accurate Processing-in-Memory Offloader
314 NOVA: NoC-based Vector Unit for Mapping Attention Layers on a CNN Accelerator
326 A Semi-Tensor Product based Circuit Simulation for SAT-sweeping
329 A Golden-Free Formal Method for Trojan Detection in Non-Interfering Accelerators
331 Optimizing Ciphertext Management for Faster Fully Homomorphic Encryption Computation
334 A Concealable RRAM Physically Unclonable Function Compatible with In-Memory Computing
345 Decentralized Federated Learning in Partially Connected Networks with Non-IID Data
353 Class-Aware Pruning for Efficient Neural Networks
360 Trace-enabled timing model synthesis for ROS2-based autonomous applications
365 Adaptive ODE Solvers for Timed Data Flow Models in SystemC-AMS
368 Sava: A Spatial- and Value-Aware Accelerator for Point Cloud Transformer
376 Sparrow: Flexible Memory Deduplication in Android Systems with Similar-Page Awareness
377 MX: Enhancing RISC-V's Vector ISA for Ultra-Low Overhead, Energy-Efficient Matrix Multiplication
381 Near-Memory Parallel Indexing and Coalescing: Enabling Highly Efficient Indirect Access for SpMV
382 IndexMAC: A Custom RISC-V Vector Instruction to Accelerate Structured-Sparse Matrix Multiplications
384 A Stochastic Rounding-Enabled Low-Precision Floating-Point MAC for DNN Training
387 ONE SA: Enabling Nonlinear Operations in Systolic Arrays For Efficient and Flexible Neural Network Inference
388 DiMO-Sparse: Differentiable Modeling and Optimization of Sparse CNN Dataflow and Hardware Architecture
392 A RISC-V "V" VP: Unlocking Vector Processing for Evaluation at the System Level
395 Real-Time Multi-Person Identification and Tracking via HPE and IMU Data Fusion
399 ARCTIC: Agile and Robust Compute-In-Memory Compiler with Parameterized INT/FP Precision and Built-In Self Test
401 PELS: A Lightweight and Flexible Peripheral Event Linking System for Ultra-Low Power IoT Processors
402 An Isotropic Shift-Pointwise Network for Crossbar-Efficient Neural Network Design
406 CLSA-CIM: A Cross-Layer Scheduling Approach for Computing-in-Memory Architectures
410 CASCO: Cascaded Co-Optimization for Holistic Neural Network Acceleration
417 Quantum State Preparation Using an Exact CNOT Synthesis Formulation
418 Model-Driven Feature Engineering for Data-Driven Battery SOH Model
420 Dynamic Reconfigurable Security Cells based on Emerging Devices Integrable in FDSOI Technology
432 FARe: Fault-Aware GNN Training on ReRAM-based PIM Accelerators
434 A Novel March Test Algorithm for Testing 8T SRAM-based IMC Architectures
438 Analog Transistor Placement Optimization Considering Non-Linear Spatial Variation
439 DIAC: Design Exploration of Intermittent-Aware Computing Realizing Batteryless Systems
442 Learning Assisted Post-Manufacture Testing and Tuning of RRAM-Based DNNs for Yield Recovery
444 A Data-Driven Analog Circuit Synthesizer with Automatic Topology Selection and Sizing
451 Attention-Based EDA Tool Parameter Explorer: From Hybrid Parameters to Multi-QoR metrics
462 BusyMap, an Efficient Data Structure to Observe Interconnect Contention in SystemC TLM-2.0
467 A Parallel Tempering Processing Architecture with Multi-Spin Update for Fully-Connected Ising Models
468 Gradient Boosting-accelerated Evolution for Multiple-Fault Diagnosis
469 DeepFrack: A Comprehensive Framework for Layer Fusion, Face Tiling, and Efficient Mapping in DNN Hardware Accelerators
475 Towards Scalable GPU System with Silicon Photonic Chiplet
476 PA-2SBF: Pattern-Adaptive Two-Stage Bloom Filter for Run-time Memory Diagnostic Data Compression in Automotive SoCs
477 Hardware-Assisted Control-Flow Integrity Enhancement for IoT Devices
479 CafeHD: A Charge-Domain FeFET-Based Compute-in-Memory Hyperdimensional Encoder with Hypervector Merging
485 Approximation Algorithm for Noisy Quantum Circuit Simulation
488 PURSE: Property Ordering Using Runtime Statistics for Efficient Multi-Property Verification
490 SpecHD: Hyperdimensional Computing Framework for FPGA-based Mass Spectrometry Clustering
491 Anonymous: Hierarchical Analog and Mixed Signal Routing Considering Versatile Routing Scenarios
493 AXI-REALM: A Lightweight and Modular Interconnect Extension for Traffic Regulation and Monitoring of Heterogeneous Real-Time SoCs
494 Cache Bandwidth Contention Leaks Secrets
500 OplixNet: Towards Area-Efficient Optical Split-Complex Networks with Real-to-Complex Data Assignment and Knowledge Distillation
503 WideSA: A High Array Utilization Mapping Scheme for Uniform Recurrences on ACAP
504 Fast IR-Drop Prediction of Analog Circuits Using Recurrent Synchronized GCN and Y-Net Model
513 Design Automation for Organs-on-Chip
515 S-LGCN: A Software–Hardware Co-design for Accelerating LightGCN
518 Standard Cell Layout Generator Amenable to Design Technology Co-Optimization in Advanced Process Nodes
521 BOXGB: Design Parameter Optimization with Systematic Integration of Bayesian Optimization and XGBoost
532 TroScan: Enhancing On-Chip Delivery Resilience to Physical Attack through Frequency-Triggered Key Generation
543 A Graph-learning-driven Prediction Method for Combined Electromigration and Thermomigration Stress on Multi-Segment Interconnects
551 RVCE-FAL: A RISC-V Vector-Scalar Custom Extension for Faster FALCON Digital Signature
553 LoADM: Load-aware Directory Migration Policy in Distributed File Systems
554 ARTmine: Automatic Association Rule Mining with Temporal Behavior for Hardware Verification
559 Parallel Multi-objective Bayesian Optimization Framework for CGRA Microarchitecture
561 DAISM: Digital Approximate In-SRAM Multiplier-based Accelerator for DNN Training and Inference
563 AFPR-CIM: An Analog-Domain Floating-Point RRAM-based Compute-In-Memory Architecture with Dynamic Range Adaptive FP-ADC
565 Miracle: Multi-Action Reinforcement Learning-Based Chip Floorplanning Reasoner
581 Towards High-throughput Neural Network Inference with Computational BRAM on Nonvolatile FPGAs
590 Parallel Grobner Basis Rewriting and Memory Optimization for Efficient Multiplier Verification
591 MATAR: Multi-Quantization-Aware Training for Accurate and Fast Hardware Retargeting
599 MSH: A Multi-Stage HiZ-Aware Homotopy Framework for Nonlinear DC Analysis
600 Embedding Hardware Approximations in Discrete Genetic-based Training for Printed MLPs
602 BORE: Energy-Efficient Banded Vector Similarity Search with Optimized Range Encoding for Memory-Augmented Neural Network
603 Circuits Physics Constrained Predictor of Static IR Drop with Limited Data
604 Efficient Spectral-Aware Power Supply Noisy Analysis for Low-Power Design Verification
608 Bitstream Fault Injection Attacks on CRYSTALS Kyber Implementations on FPGAs
609 A Multi-bit Near-RRAM based Computing Macro with Highly Computing Parallelism for CNN Application
615 SpecScope: Automating Discovery of Exploitable Spectre Gadgets on Black-box Microarchitectures
622 CycPUF: Cyclic Physical Unclonable Function
632 PP-HDC: A Privacy-Preserving Inference Framework For Hyperdimensional Computing
638 PoLM: Point Cloud and Large Pre-trained Model Catch Mixed-type Wafer Defect Pattern Recognition
640 Device-Aware Diagnosis for RRAM Unique Defects
641 Guided Fault Injection Strategy for Rapid Critical Bit Detection in Radiation-Prone SRAM-FPGA
645 SELCC: Enhancing MLC Reliability and Endurance with Single Cell Error Correction Codes
650 High Throughput Hardware Accelerated CoreSight Trace Decoding
653 Alleviating Barren Plateaus in Parameterized Quantum Machine Learning Circuits: Investigating Advanced Parameter Initialization Strategies
659 Scalable Logic Rewriting Using Don't Cares
662 Bit-Trimmer: Ineffectual Bit-operation Removal for CIM Architecture
664 Efficient Exploration of Cyber-Physical System Architectures Using Contracts and Subgraph Isomorphism
669 LRSCwait: Enabling Scalable and Efficient Synchronization in Manycore Systems through Polling-Free and Retry-Free Operation
671 MultimodalHD: Federated Learning Over Heterogeneous Sensor Modalities using Hyperdimensional Computing
690 SCGen: A Versatile Generator Framework for Agile Design of Stochastic Circuits
691 SuperFlow: A Fully-Customized RTL-to-GDS Design Automation Flow for Adiabatic Quantum-Flux-Parametron Superconducting Circuits
693 Fault-Tolerant Cyclic Queuing and Forwarding in Time-Sensitive Networking
705 Para-ZNS: Improving Small-zone ZNS SSDs Parallelism through Dynamic Zone Mapping
714 uHD: Unary Processing for Lightweight and Dynamic Hyperdimensional Computing
718 Hierarchical Source-to-Post-Route QoR Prediction in High-Level Synthesis with GNNs
732 Modeling Attack Tests and Security Enhancement of the Sub-threshold Voltage Divider Array PUF
734 IOMMU Deferred Invalidation Vulnerability: Exploit and Defense
736 Reinforcement Learning-Based Optimization of Back-side Power Delivery Networks in VLSI Design for IR-drop Reduction
742 Accelerating Chaining in Genomic Analysis Using RISC-V Custom Instructions
751 Flush+earlyReload: Covert Channels Attack on Shared LLC Using MSHR Merging
753 BlockAMC: Scalable In-Memory Analog Matrix Computing for Solving Linear Systems
754 Reliable Interval Prediction of Minimum Operating Voltage Based on On-chip Monitors via Conformalized Quantile Regression
756 Formal Verification of Secure Boot Process
757 Towards Efficient Reconfiguration through Lightweight Input Inversion for MLC NVFPGAs
761 JPlace: A Clock-Aware Length-Matching Placement for Rapid Single-Flux-Quantum Circuits
764 KRATT: QBF-Assisted Removal and Structural Analysis Attack Against Logic Locking
772 Pipette: Automatic Fine-grained Large Language Model Training Configurator for Real-World Clusters
776 Analog Printed Spiking Neuromorphic Circuit
778 SEA: Sign-Separated Accumulation Scheme for Resource-Efficient DNN Accelerators
780 STAR: Sum-Together/Apart Reconfigurable Multipliers for Precision-Scalable ML Workloads
793 A Read Latency Variation Aware Independent Read Scheme for QLC SSDs.
795 Low Power and Temperature-Resilient Compute-In-Memory Based on Subthreshold-FeFET
800 Optimizing Imperfectly-Nested Loop Mapping on CGRAs via Polyhedral-Guided Flattening
804 Reconfigurable Frequency Multipliers Based on Complementary Ferroelectric Transistors
805 Dynamic Realization of Multiple Control Toffoli Gate
810 FeReX: A Reconfigurable Design of Multi-bit Ferroelectric Compute-in-Memory for Nearest Neighbor Search
811 12 mJ per Class On-Device Online Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning
823 Performance Analysis and Optimizations of Matrix Multiplications on ARMv8 Processors
825 FMTT: Fused Multi-head Transformer with Tensor-compression for 3D Point Clouds Detection on Edge Devices
829 An Agile Deploying Approach for Large-Scale Workloads on CGRA-CPU Architecture
834 Technology/Algorithm Co-design for Reliable Energy-efficient NVM-based Hyperdimensional Computing under Voltage Scaling
840 Improvement of Mixed Track-Height Standard-Cell Placement
845 Memory Scraping Attack on Xilinx FPGAs: Private Data Extraction from Terminated Processes
852 Fast Parameter Optimization of Delayed Feedback Reservoir with Backpropagation and Gradient Descent
866 Decoupled Access-Execute enabled DVFS for tinyML deployments on STM32 MCUs
882 Selfie5: an autonomous, self-contained verification approach  for high-throughput random testing of programmable processors.
883 A FeFET-based Time-Domain Associative Memory for Multi-bit Similarity Computation
899 Complete and Efficient Verification for a RISC-V Processor using Formal Verification
903 SenseDSE: Sensitivity-based Performance Evaluation for Design Space Exploration of Microarchitecture
923 ISPT-Net: A Noval Transient Backward-stepping Reduction Policy by Irregular Sequential PredictionTransformer
932 An Efficient Hypergraph Partitioner under Inter-Block Interconnection Constraints
935 Scalable Sequential Optimization Under Observability Don't Cares
940 Enhancing Side-Channel Attacks through X-Ray-Induced Leakage Amplification
944 Aloha-HE: A Low-Area Hardware Accelerator for Client-Side Operations in Homomorphic Encryption
950 On-FPGA Spiking Neural Networks for Integrated Near-Sensor ECG Analysis
951 EMAClave: An Efficient Memory Authentication for RISCV Enclaves
959 Tiny-VBF: Resource-Efficient Vision Transformer based Lightweight Beamformer for Ultrasound Single-Angle Plane Wave Imaging
966 TT-SNN: Tensor Train Decomposition for Efficient Spiking Neural Network Training
970 On-sensor Printed Machine Learning Classification via Bespoke ADC and Decision Tree Co-Design
973 HygHD: Hyperdimensional Hypergraph Learning
975 Testing Algorithms for Hard to Detect Thermal Crosstalk Induced Write Disturb Faults in Phase Change Memories
984 REDCAP: Reconfigurable RFET-based Circuits Against Power Side-Channel Attacks
988 Derailed: Arbitrarily Controlling DNN Outputs with Targeted Fault Injection Attacks
1014 XiNet-pose: Extremely lightweight pose detection for microcontrollers
1037 Enhancing Reliability of Neural Networks at the Edge: Inverted Normalization with Stochastic Affine Transformations
1040 Learning Circuit Placement Techniques through Reinforcement Learning with Adaptive Rewards
1048 RL-TPG: Automated Pre-Silicon Security Verification through Reinforcement Learning-Based Test Pattern Generation
1056 Prime+Reset: Introducing A Novel Cross-World Covert-Channel Through Comprehensive Security Analysis on ARM TrustZone
1067 A Compiler Phase to Optimally Split GPU Wavefronts for Safety-Critical Systems
1068 Uncertainty-Aware Hardware Trojan Detection Using Multimodal Deep Learning
1088 Automated Optimization of Deep Neural Networks: Dynamic Bit-Width and Layer-Width Selection via Cluster-Based Parzen Estimation
1102 IoT-GRAF: IoT Graph Learning-based Anomaly and Intrusion Detection through Multi-modal Data Fusion
1137 H3DFact: Heterogeneous 3D Integrated CIM for Factorization with Holographic Perceptual Representations
1142 Detecting Backdoor Attacks in Black-Box Neural Networks through Hardware Performance Counters
1149 Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Thermally-Restricted Performance Optimization in Manycores
1151 sLET for distributed aerospace landing system
1157 MABFuzz: Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms for Fuzzing Processors
1158 Value-Driven Mixed-Precision Quantization for Patch-Based Inference on Microcontrollers
1178 PIMLC: Logic Compiler for Bit-serial Based PIM
1184 MATADOR: Automated System-on-Chip Tsetlin Machine Design Generation for Edge Applications
1191 Shared Cache Analysis under Preemptive Scheduling
1192 A Mapping of Triangular Block Interleavers to DRAM for Optical Satellite Communication
1194 Full-Stack Optimization for CAM-Only DNN Inference
1197 TreeRNG: Binary Tree Random Number Generator for Efficient Probabilistic AI Hardware Design
1199 VACSEM: Verifying Average Errors in Approximate Circuits Using Simulation-Enhanced Model Counting
1212 Synthesizing Hardware-Software Leakage Contracts for RISC-V Open-Source Processors
1214 Beyond Random Inputs: A Novel ML-Based Hardware Fuzzing
1217 Compact Powers-of-Two: An Efficient Non-Uniform Quantization for Deep Neural Networks
1221 A Deep-Learning Technique to Locate Cryptographic Operations in Side-Channel Traces
1226 TitanCFI: Toward Enforcing Control-Flow Integrity in the Root-of-Trust
1231 Can Machine Learn Pipeline Leakage?
1238 Shared Data Kills Real-Time Cache Analysis. How to Resurrect It?
1249 A configurable approximate multiplier for CNNs using partial product speculation
1275 A Hardware Accelerated Autoencoder for RF Communication using Short-Time-Fourier-Transform Assisted Convolutional Neural Network



Extended Abstracts

2 Para-Pipe: Exploiting Parallelism and Pipelining of ML Computational Graphs on SoCs
4 Viper: Utilizing Hierarchical Program Structure to Accelerate Multi-core Simulation
13 FLInt: Exploiting Floating Point Enabled Integer Arithmetic for Efficient Random Forest Inference
32 Fully Adaptive and Memory-Efficient Heterogeneous Framework for Gate-Level Fault Simulation
35 FAMS: A Framework of Storage-centric Mapping for DNNs on Systolic Array Accelerators
36 LESS: Low-power Energy-efficient Subgraph Isomorphism on FPGA
91 A Floating Memristor Emulator with Inverse Frequency Characteristic
106 In-field Detection of Small Delay Defects and Runtime Degradation using On-Chip Sensors
147 Towards SEU Fault Propagation Prediction with Spatio-temporal Graph Convolutional Networks
153 Meta: A Memory-Efficient Tri-State Polynomial Multiplication Accelerator Using 2D Coupled-BFUs
158 Breaking XOR Arbiter PUFs without Reliability Information
178 BoolGebra: Attributed Graph-learning for Boolean Algebraic Manipulation
197 Trans-Net: Knowledge-Transferring Analog Circuit Optimizer with a Netlist-Based Circuit Representation
201 Early Dot-Product Termination for Computation Reduction in DLMs Supporting Non-ReLU Activation Functions
208 OC-DLRM: Minimizing the I/O Traffic of DLRM between Main Memory and OCSSD
220 Dynamic Per-Flow Queues for TSN switch
279 Microprocessor Design Space Exploration via Space Partitioning and Bayesian Optimization
283 AsymSAT: Accelerating SAT Solving with Asymmetric Graph-based Model Prediction
311 RTSA: An RRAM-TCAM based In-Memory-Search Accelerator for Sub-100 μs Collision Detection
315 Atomic Defect-Aware Physical Design of Silicon Dangling Bond Logic on the H-Si(100)-2x1 Surface
338 Demonstrating Post-Quantum Remote Attestation for RISC-V Devices
351 ScanCamouflage: Obfuscating Scan Chains with Camouflaged Sequential and Logic Gates
354 Block Floating-Point Approximate Computing Through Exponent-Guided Precision Adjustment
356 Methods for Generating Response Ranges for Run-time Requirement Enforcement of Non-Functional Properties on MPSoCs
366 High-Performance Feature Extraction for GPU-accelerated ORB-SLAMx
389 Towards Highly-Accurate Early-Stage Hardware-Software Partitioning
413 Zero-shot Classification using Hyperdimensional Computing
416 Securing ISW Masking Scheme Against Glitches
423 OTFGEncoder-HDC: Hardware-efficient Encoding Techniques for Low-overhead FPGA Mapping of Hyperdimensional~Computing
435 SGPRS: Seamless GPU Partitioning Real-Time Scheduler for Periodic Deep Learning Workloads
478 DNA-based Similar Image Retrieval via Triplet Network-driven Encoder
482 WaveFormer: Enabling Long Sequence Transformers for Extreme Edge Devices
496 Fast Estimation for Electromigration Nucleation Time Based on Random Activation Energy Model
499 I²SR: Immediate Interrupt Service Routine on RISC-V MCU to Control mmWave RF Transceivers
501 RLPlanner: Reinforcement Learning based Floorplanning for Chiplets with Fast Thermal Analysis
508 A Computing-in-Memory Pipeline Design for Diversely Connected Neural Networks Based on Nonvolatile Memory
514 High-Efficiency FPGA-Based Approximate Multipliers with LUT Sharing and Carry Switching
528 MicroNAS: Zero-Shot Neural Architecture Search for MCUs
542 ReTAP: Processing-in-ReRAM Bitap Approximate String Matching Accelerator for Genomic Analysis
546 PRD: AVX-512-based Parallelization of Resemblance Detection for Post-Deduplication Delta Compression
571 An Endeavor to Industrialize Hardware Fuzzing: Automating NoC Verification in UVM
572 PatternS: An Intelligent Hybrid Memory Scheduler Driven by Page Pattern Recognition
575 Parasitic Circus: On the Feasibility of Golden-Free PCB Verification
619 Lightweight Instrumentation for Accurate Performance Monitoring in RTOSes
621 Circumventing Restrictions in commercial High-Level Synthesis Tools
624 Out-of-Distribution Detection Using Power-Side Channels for Improving Functional Safety of Neural Network FPGA Accelerators
630 SEAL: Sensing Efficient Active Learning on Wearables through Context-awareness
668 A Novel Multi-objective Optimization Framework for Analog Circuit Customization
673 VeriBug: An Attention-based Dynamic Analysis Framework for Bug-Localization in Hardware Designs
701 Harnessing ML Privacy by Design Through Crossbar Array Non-idealities
703 Training Better CNN Models for 3-D Capacitance Extraction with Neural Architecture Search
708 Search-in-Memory (SiM): Conducting Data-Bound Computations on Flash Memory Chip for Enhanced Efficiency
716 Exploring Forward-Only Encoder Training for Accurate, Efficient Hyperdimensional Computing
741 DeepSeq: Deep Sequential Circuit Learning
752 Accelerating DNNs using Weight Clustering on RISC-V Custom Functional Units
782 A Hybrid Approach to Reverse Engineering on Combinational Circuits
785 Lightweight and predictable memory virtualization on medium-end microcontrollers
838 HDCircuit: Brain-inspired Hyperdimensional Computing for Circuit Recognition
848 CLAST: Cross-Layer Approximate High-Level Synthesis with Configurable Approximate Three-Operand Adders
862 A Framework for Designing Gaussian Belief Propagation Accelerators for use in SLAM Problems
881 ESOMICS: ML-Based Timing Behaviour Analysis For Efficient Mixed-Criticality System Design
893 A DTCO Framework for 3D NAND Flash Readout
902 DACO: Pursuing Ultra-low Power Consumption via DNN-Adaptive CPU-GPU CO-optimization on Mobile Devices
955 Shuttling for Scalable Trapped-Ion Quantum Computers
1005 Automated Hardware Security Countermeasure Integration inside High-Level Synthesis
1036 Deep Quasi-Periodic Priors: Signal Separation in Wearable Systems with Limited Data
1077 AdaP-CIM: Compute-in-Memory Based Neural Network Accelerator using Adaptive Posit
1089 Extending SSD Lifetime via Balancing Layer Endurance in 3D NAND Flash Memory
1094 An Efficient Logic Operation Scheduler for Minimizing Memory Footprint of In-Memory SIMD Computation
1139 Learning to Floorplan like Human Experts via Reinforcement Learning
1156 FHE-CGRA: Enable Efficient Acceleration of Fully Homomorphic Encryption on CGRAs
1248 Unleashing the Power of T1-cells in SFQ Arithmetic Circuits

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